Located in the extreme south of the Argentine Republic, within the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, this Ushuaia, called the southernmost city in the world. With a wonderful setting of forests, sea, lakes and mountains, Ushuaia is a city worth visiting, cultivating and letting yourself be enchanted with its sensations of mystery in almost unexplored virgin territories. Long summer days and the arrival of luxurious cruises in a certain city also as "the door to Antarctica". Winters with the best quality of snow guaranteed, activities such as La Marcha Blanca, Andean skiing, cross-country skiing and the structure of winter centers at the level of the highest demands make Ushuaia a warm destination for a cold season. Tourists from all over the world visit Ushuaia every year, making it one of the most chosen destinations in Argentina to live a different experience.



The White City

21th June / 20th September

Temperatures: -2°/4°C (28°/39°F)

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Colors in the air

21th Septemer / 20th December

Temperatures: 3°/9°C (37°/48°F)

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Enjoy Greenlandscape

21th Decemer / 20th March

Temperatures: 5°/14°C (41°/57°F)

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Life Red

21th March / 20th June

Temperatures: 0°/12°C (32°/54°F)

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